About Us

Trolley is a chain of convenience stores founded in 2010 catering to the niche markets at private universities and malls before making its way to the gas stations. Filling the huge gap in Kuwait Retail arena- Trolley is expanding into gas station to offer customers ease of shopping in their close proximity and defining the true meaning of convenience in the country.

Trolley offers a large range of everyday consumables in a wide spread of categories focusing the ultimate customer satisfaction, no compromise on quality and value for money.

Trolley is committed to create the brand of choice for consumers by giving Kuwait a "One Stop Shop" solution for all their quick needs. Once entered a Trolley store customer will not only be able to shop for FMCG but will also be able to enjoy the coffee of choice, will be able to fulfill all their cellular needs, or send an overnight courier after printing an important document at Trolley self-printing corner all under one roof - 24 hours by 7 days a week.

We welcome you to our stores to feel the world-class Trolley experience.


trolley convenience store is designed for relaible to customers purchasing goods on line.we have our suitable packages or you have create your own packages.

Just Added To Your Trolley

Package for 999 persons
Price : 999.999 KD